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UGEARS 3D Puzzle Marble Run Chain - Creative 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults with Rubber Band Motor - Marble Run Chain Wood Model Kit

$52.99 USD

Exciting combination of art and engineering: The Marble Run Chain Hoist mechanical model is both a beautiful kinetic sculpture and an intricate toy that teaches as it entertains
Gratifying experience: Our challenging wooden marble runs for kids and adults allow many hours of hands-on activity and lots of fun. Assemble UGEARS model building kits for adults on your own or with family or friends
No extra tools needed: Everything you need for our wooden marble maze comes right in the box. Grab some enthusiasm and expand your collection of model kits for adults and children
Enjoy the fun: Once assembled, watch the marble roller coaster come to life as you crank the hoist up to send the marbles on their adventures. Each run will completely capture children’s and adults’ attention
Father's Day Gift Idea : UGEARS marble run building kit will always delight and surprise family, friends, or colleagues. Get your Marble Run Chain Hoist model building kit now and let the good times roll
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