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Lubin Paris Perfume

Lubin Paris, perfume makers for more than 220 years, have an unmatched olfactory style. Its early products became the imprimatur of Haute Couture and indicators of fashion and social hierarchy. Its fragrances uphold its founder ideals, creating perfumes of the highest quality and originality made only with the finest natural ingredients. All of the Lubin Paris perfumes are unique and tell their own story.

The Lubin Paris Gin Fizz evokes sophistication and charm. Inspired by an American actress in the ’50s at the peak of her popularity, the notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon are sure to please.

The Black Jade has captured the more subtle and softer side of a queen who savored the scents of her secret garden, which has now been passed down and captured in a bottle.

With an unparalleled style and fragrant signature, there is something within Lubin Paris to please. Browse our selection today.
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