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Tutti Delices

Vanille Chantilly (Vanilla Whipped Cream) Eau de Toilette & Shower Gel Gift Set

$38.00 USD

Vanilla-scented whipped cream brings on pure nostalgia for carefree holidays. An airy and velvety fragrance where creamy Vanilla delicately meets a creamy and floral heart of Chantilly.

We are all big kids! Rediscover the regressive pleasure of the delicacies of our childhood with Tutti Délices Eaux de Toilette.
WE LOVE CLEAN BEAUTY! Our scented creations contain only the essentials: alcohol of natural origin, perfume, a little water and that's it.

Top Notes: Vanilla, Grenadine
Heart Notes: Vanilla Flowers, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Musk

Vanille Chantilly Eau de Toilette | 50ml
Vanille Chantilly Travel Eau de Toilette | 15ml
Vanille Chantilly Shower Gel | 100ml

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