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Tutti Delices

Macaron Amande Eau de Toilette | Almond Macaron

$22.00 USD

Inspired by the aromas of almond and cinnamon that emanated from our grandmother’s kitchen when she took her delicious macarons out of the oven. We’ve created a gentle fragrance with gourmand accords. A successful blend of a creamy almond and a powdery vanilla floral heart, over an intense tonka bean and white musk base.

Designed to bring back pleasant childhood memories of your favorite sweets, this scent envelops you like a cloud, and the beautiful bottle stands out from the rest.

Macaron Amande: Almond Macaron
Made in France
50ml Eau de Toilette

Discover timeless recipes, with addictive fragrances. Tutti Delices is a safe bet without any calories! Fall back into childhood with gourmet fragrances to be crunched! A stylish and unique bottle attracts special attention.

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