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Solinotes Paris

Solinotes Feel Good Fragrances Gift Set | Set of 3

$29.00 USD

Awaken your emotions with Solinote's olfactory creations filled with positive vibes! This Feel Good Box gift set contains 3 mini Solinotes Eau De Parfum: delicate and intoxicating fragrances to take everywhere! Mix and match to create your unique perfect blend.

A combination of pretty floral notes:
Cherry Blossom Eau de Parfum: for a pure moment of serenity.
Rose Eau de Parfum: to reveal a precious harmony.
Freesia Eau de Parfum: that will activate your senses with its positive vibrations.

A combination of warm notes:
Tonka Eau de Parfum: a rich scent for the gourmand, filled with warm and spicy fragrances.
Almond Eau de Parfum: A subtle vitaminized touch of Passion Fruit reveals the Almond which gently awakens you.
Vanille Eau de Parfum: Married to the tenderness of white flowers, this divine fragrance is reassuring.

Set of three 15 ml | 0.5 fl oz | Spray

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