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Fer A Cheval

Natural Marseille Soap Bars | Rose Petals | Set of 2

$20.00 USD

Rose petals have a sweet, floral aroma that is often described as romantic, elegant, and timeless.

This Marseille gentle perfumed soap bar with Rose Petals scent has been specially developed to be the softest and least allergenic for the skin. A formulation composed of 96% of ingredients of natural origin, which does not contain surfactants and petrochemical preservatives, mineral oils or synthetic dyes.

By blending argan and shea butter oils with vegetable Marseille soap, a gentle soap is created that is widely recognized for its ability to deliver a comforting and gentle experience to the skin, without any risk of irritation. Our Marseille gentle perfumed soap bar, scented with Rose Petals, blends the calming benefits of argan oil with the richness and creaminess of coconut oil to create a luxuriant lather.

It is completely free from petrochemical surfactants such as SLS, ALS, PEG, and petrochemical preservatives like EDTA, parabens, mineral oils, colorants, and animal fat.

Set of 2

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