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Revol Froisses Breakfast Coffee Crumpled Tumbler, 11.5 oz

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Revol crumple cup porcelain white, fun for hot and cold beverage. The 33 cl Crumpled porcelain lunch cup by Revol is ideal for enjoying lattes, tea, hot chocolate and any other drink of your choice for breakfast or a coffee break. Revol porcelain is the cream of the crop of culinary-grade porcelain, containing neither cadmium nor lead.
This practical and easy to use mug can also be used to serve your chips, soups, mixed salads, tapas, chips, fruit salads and ice-cream scoops in an original way. They are also ideal as cutlery pots on a buffet table. These cups can be combined to create a colorful and modern style: make your choice! Blend this cup with the other products in the crumpled range for a completely "crumpled" atmosphere!
White porcelain, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.
made in France
  • Durable and decorative oven to tableware, designed for chefs
  • Safe from freezer to oven, microwave to dishwasher
  • Smooth enamel finish is easy to clean
  • Contains neither cadmium nor lead
  • Nonporous and resistant to chipping
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