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Tissus Toselli

Bastide White & Blue Rectangular Provencal Tablecloth | 59" x 78" | Easy Care Coated Cotton

$65.00 USD

Rectangular Bastide Tablecloth with Provençal Patterns b Marat d'Avignon.
Textile printed by Tissus Toselli

A very traditional Provencal print and of the most beautiful motifs created by the provencal house Marat d'Avignon. With bright colors and motifs of flowers, leave and medallions that occupy the entire tablecloth and a drop decorated with two friezes, this traditional French classic pattern is a reminder of the country style in Provence. Bring that feel into your home.

These beautiful Provencal Patterned Tablecloths are made from high quality dyed yarn resistant to use. Ideal for everyday use, indoor and outdoor, easy to clean and maintain. Coated with an acrylic layer that covers the cotton and prevents stains from penetrating the fibers this flexible cotton hangs smoothly over the table edge. Easy to use, easy to care. 100% Cotton. Quality guaranteed.

Rectangle Size: 59" x 78" | 150 x 200cm Diameter
Color: Bastide White & Blue
Material: 100% Cotton (+ Acrylic Coating) | NO BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead
Wipe-Clean | Machine Washable | Hang to Dry
Made in Provence

Care Instructions:
• Act quickly on stains to prevent them from setting. Wipe-clean with fabric safe formula.
• Avoid overloading the washer/dryer and unfold linens before washing.
• Wash dark colors separately from light colors to prevent color alterations.
• Allow for natural fiber shrinkage (e.g., cotton, linen).
• Don't mix natural and synthetic fibers in the same laundry load.
• Never iron over a stain.
• Remove linens from the dryer while slightly damp to prevent creases, fold or iron as needed.
• NEVER iron over coated side of tablecloth.
• Store linens in a dark, cool, and dry area for optimal preservation.
  • Material: 100% Cotton (+ Acrylic Coating) | NO BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead
  • Easy Care: Wipe-Clean | Machine Washable | Hang to Dry
  • Linear Size: 59" x 78" | 150cm x 200cm
  • Tissus Toselli was one of the first firms to launch modern Provençal fabrics with timeless patterns found on dining tables everywhere.
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