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Rathbornes Four Wick Luxury Scented Candle | White Pepper, Honeysuckle & Vetiver

$90.00 USD

An aromatic floral, soft and enchanting scent. Sweet top notes of lily, honeysuckle and jasmine, with a soothing hint of peach and lemon on Vetiver and a rich base of cedar provide a perfume bouquet of aromas.

Handmade using a unique blend of beeswax & premium essential oils.
Four Wick Candle hand crafted in Dublin | 390g. | 50 - 60 Hour burn time

This is the world’s oldest candle company. Over the centuries they have pioneered new techniques in candle making from their Dublin factory, and they are still based in the city today. The candles are woven into the social fabric of Ireland and have provided light for streets for over 500 years.

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