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Portus Cale

Portus Cale White Crane Scented Bar Soap | Yuzu, Vetiver & Mandarin

$16.00 USD

White Crane is an Asian inspired collection with an airy scent, a fusion of Yuzu, Vetiver & Mandarina.

Decorated with delicate illustrations, it stands out for its corrugated ceramic diffusers and candles, individually created and finished by master ceramists. A line that stands out for its simplicity in elegance and the feeling of comfort it conveys.

Compact and very fragrant, White Crane Soap is perfect for small gestures of gratitude. With a 100% vegetable base, this soap is hand-wrapped in paper illustrated with an elegant Asian-influenced pattern, exclusive illustrations created by our Design Team, and gold leaf details.

Yuzu, with its citrus liveliness, Vetiver, with its earthy notes, and Mandarin, for a juicy touch, come together to give White Crane Soap its scent; a fragrance that is airy, comfortable and unforgettable.

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