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Portus Cale

Portus Cale Festive Blue Soaps Gift Set | Fir, Cedar & Rosemary

$47.00 USD

Portus Cale hand wrapped in packages emblazoned with plant motifs in golden hues on a blue field, each soap of the Festive Blue set, has an olive and coconut oils base and possesses a wood-scented bouquet with notes of fir, cedar and rosemary. A luxurious present for any joyous occasion.

The soaps are packaged in an elegant gift box that once empty, it can be reused to store small objects, such as photographs or sewing materials, keeping them organized and very fragrant.

Scents: Fir, Cedar and Rosemary
Festive Blue Fragrance | Set of 3 Soaps (150g each.)
Made in Portugal

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