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Mosaic Creative Sticker Activity Poster | Pixel Art

$22.00 USD

A giant mosaic sticker activity poster of Pixel Art!

Redesigned with pixel art. Stick 1600 stickers on the poster according to the color code. Little by little, a monumental design of Pixel Art appears. This activity is easy to do. It strengthens patience, calm, and concentration. Once finished, the poster is ideal to put on your walls.

This precision manual activity is inspired by Montessori pedagogy: by concentrating on a task that is at once sensory, simple and repetitive, children gradually improve their fine motor skills, visual recognition and ability to concentrate. This activity allows them to be completely autonomous and to play in peace for as long as they want.

Great for ages 6y+
40″ x 24″
1 poster & 1600 Mosaic Stickers

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