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Paul Smith

Paul Smith Scented Candle | Bookworm | Grapefruit, Amber, Pimento, Cedarwood

$88.00 USD

Hand-poured and blended with premium ingredients, this candle is formulated to ensure exceptional scent diffusion. The wax is housed in a tinted glass vessel complete with a contrasting lid that doubles as a coaster, an expression of Paul’s fondness for color and its endless combinations. Once burned, why not give yours a new life as a pen or plant pot? Or perhaps use it to hold art supplies, toiletries, flowers or any bits and bobs?

Smells like reams of paper and parchment, library shelves and warming amber.
We want to transport you to your own personal library, surrounded by a crackling fire in a wood-panelled room sat on a comfy leather sofa.

240g | 8.4oz
Fragrance notes: Grapefruit, Amber, Pimento, Cedarwood.
Designed to be reused, each two-tone vessel is filled with a scent that recalls some of Paul’s most cherished memories.
Made in the UK

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