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Panier des Sens

Jasmine Liquid Marseille Soap

$18.50 USD

Rose Geranium absolute floral elixir. Rich in vegetable oils, this liquid soap gently cleanses and helps the skin to preserve its natural balance. Cooked in cauldrons, it is made in accordance with the traditional way of manufacturing Marseille soap. Formulated with 95% of natural origin ingredients. 500ml (16.9 fl.oz.)

The small delicate blossoms of Jasmin Grandiflorum were already used in the 16th century by the first master glove-makers perfumers of Grasse. Very quickly this veritable plant gem became an essential element of perfumers' palette and found itself in the heart of Grasse horticulture. Picked at dawn in August, its pristine flowers deliver a captivating powdery and slightly fruity fragrance.


Made in France