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Orrefors Peak Highball Glass | Set of 4

$85.00 USD

Peak Highball from Orrefors, available as a set of 4, holds 12.5 oz and is an ideal bar glass for long drinks. The motif on the glass is inspired by the majestic mountain peaks from the northern regions of Scandinavia. Designed by Martti Rytkönen.

Peak Highball is perfect for serving cocktails and long drinks like Mojito, Gin & Tonic, Bloody Mary, and Long Island as well as non-alcoholic drinks like water, juice, soda, iced tea, and lemonade.

H: 5.875 x W: 2.875
12.5 oz each | Set of 4
Scandinavian, modern, classic design
Crystal | Dishwasher safe

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