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Monsieur Barbier

BETTER SHAVE | Vegan Shaving Cream

$19.50 USD

Rediscover the pleasure of shaving by swapping your shaving foam for shaving cream. Used by hand, with a shaving brush, or in a water bath, it is the essential ingredient for a successful shave!
Apply the cream onto your face by hand or with a shaving brush. Use circular motion clockwise, then counterclockwise, to massage the skin and lift the hair. For optimal results, shave once in the direction of growth, then again in the opposite direction. Result? You're as good as new!

Monsieur Barbier Shaving Cream BETTER SHAVE is a Men's Skin Care, vegan formula, specially formulated for maximum protection.
Can be applied by hand or with a shaving brush.
Vegan formula with 97.7% of ingredients of natural origin.
Free of Paraben, phenoxyethanol, and silicone.

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