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Monsieur Barbier

THE RITUEL BARBIER BOX | Pre-Shave Lotion, Shaving Cream & After Shave Lotion

$48.00 USD

Monsieur Barbier Ritual Gift Box: to smile every morning, in the bathroom!
Included in this Set:
Prepa-Shave: Pre-shave lotion | 75ml
Better Shave: Shaving cream | 175ml
Extra-Shave: Anti-aging aftershave | 75ml

Apply a few drops of the Prepa-Shave lotion before your shave to activate the super-protection against irritations. Then, lather the Better-Shave shaving cream on your skin (with or without a shaving brush). Moisturize and regenerate your skin with a knob of Extra-Shave. Your skin will thank you, very much.

To make every shave a facial treatment, here is our three-step ritual: wake up and protect the skin, shave smoothly and flawlessly, and regenerate with an anti-aging aftershave.

THE RITUEL BARBIER BOX, your entire shaving routine in a single set is ideal for shaving sensitive skin. Great as a gift to make someone happy or to treat yourself. Products are vegan, free of any controversial ingredients.

All products are made with 98% natural ingredients, all the rest from advanced research in active dermatology.
Free of parabens, silicones, and animal derivatives.
Cruelty-free: certified One Voice.

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