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Marius Fabre

Marius Fabre Marseille Soaps 2x100g (2 x 3.53 oz) All Skin Gentle Bars, Natural Extra Pure Vegetable Oil Soaps Face and Body Cleansing

$12.00 USD

For more than 120 years and four family generations in Salon-de-Provence, the Marius Fabre soap factory has been making its Marseille soap by cooking in a cauldron using exclusively, rigorously selected vegetable oils.

Marius Fabre Marseille soap is made from 100% vegetable oils, without palm oil, without coloring, without perfume, without preservatives, without animal fats or products derived from petrochemicals. Marseille soap with olive oil is also “extra pure” because, during the washing stage, it is freed from all impurities.
Marseille soap: gentle on the skin

Marius Fabre Marseille soap is "Extra pure", that is to say that it is free of all impurities and takes care of all skin types, in particular the most sensitive (eczema, psoriasis, etc.). Marseille soap with olive oil brings its nourishing properties and thus helps to reduce the dryness of the skin.
It contains no dyes, synthetic additives or palm oil.
Set of 2 Marseille soaps is as gentle on your skin as it is on the environment.

Net weight in packaging: 2 x 100g
-Certified palm oil free
-Eco-detergent certified by Ecocert
-French origin guaranteed
Marseille soap: ecological and economical

Marius Fabre, natural Marseille soap with olive oil is respectful of the environment. If you are currently using another Marseille soap or soap and want to wait before using it, store the 100g soap in a dry place at room temperature. Indeed, Marseille soap does not lose any virtue over time, quite the contrary! The more your soap dries, the more it loses its moisture and therefore, it will be more concentrated in vegetable oils.
Composition: Olive oil, coconut oil, Guaranteed without palm oil, No colorants or preservatives, Without perfume, Without chemical additives
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