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Logevy Classico Eau de Parfum Tuscany Fragrance 100ml

$92.00 USD

Logevy magic is in the air, Logevy’s 100% Made in Italy perfumes are ideal to create relaxing and suggestive atmospheres in any home and work environments.
Tuscany is known for its marvelous charm, but there is one specific area where its charm turns magical and that is Florence. Logevy Firenze 1965 effortlessly brings this Italian magic into each and every bottle of its fragrances giving you hints of romance, nature and culture all in one.
EDP: 100ml
Olfactory Pyramid:
Heart notes: Orange, Lemon Mandarin, Litse Cubeba
Head Notes: Jasmine & Cedar Wood
Base Notes: Vetiver Amber and White Musk
Imported from Italy
  • Eau de parfum, 100ml
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