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Linari Sienna Fragrance Diffuser 250ml Travel Line Scents of Lemon Orange Tuberose Rose

$78.00 USD

The 250 ml diffusers of the LINARI-TRAVEL LINE were created to express in fragrances our travel experiences through some of the most beautiful cities and areas of Italy. The LINARI diffusers distribute wonderful, pleasant scents which seduce our senses.
A blend of vivacious, refreshing, fruity notes with the kick of lemon and orange in the top. The soft floralcy of the heart is built around all time classics like rose, jasmine and tuberose and leads to the warm base of musk and wood.
The pure shape of the room fragrance flacon with its high-class lid appears to be a timeless modern design object of highest quality and beauty. The active principle of the LINARI diffusers is that the fragrance slowly moves out of the flacon up the wooden evaporating sticks and the pleasant fragrance can distribute itself unobtrusively in the room. Due to these characteristics one is able to use different fragrances in adjacent rooms without manipulating the scent sensation. LINARI uses only high-quality materials to manufacture these products. The LINARI fragrance flacons are made of exquisite Italian glass. Through the natural wood texture every lid is unique. The evaporating sticks are made of high-quality tropical plants and therefore are able to achieve an optimal capillary effect. The LINARI-TRAVEL-LINE, the ideal travel companion in a 250 ml bottle.
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