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Le Cluny

Le Cluny Provence Coated Cotton Tablecloth 52” x 72” Fayence Blue and Cream/White Easy Care

$92.00 USD

Le Cluny, Fayence Blue and Creamy Off White French Provence Coated Cotton Tablecloth, 100 Percent Cotton, 52 Inches Wide x 72 Inches Long. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Made in France. Introducing the Le Cluny French Country Collection, where every table becomes a piece of Provence. Adorned with a Provençal motif on a backdrop, this tablecloth is both a work of art and a functional masterpiece. Crafted from 100% cotton and skillfully coated with acrylic, it stands as a fortress against stains, ensuring a lasting allure. Spills vanish with a simple swipe, leaving your table unblemished. Designed for both indoor and outdoor elegance, its UV resistance guarantees unfading beauty. Size: 52" x 72" Rectangular Fayence Blue & Creamy White Meticulously crafted in France, it's a testament to the art of fine tableware. 100% Coated Cotton | Stain-resistant treatment | Hemmed borders Machine Washable, Hang Dry A marriage of convenience and luxury

  • Textile crafted in France a testament to the art of fine table. This tablecloth has an acrylic coating that helps to prevent the stains and give you an easy friendly use.
  • Machine Washable, Hang Dry to keep durability of the coating. If needed it can be ironed only from the back of the textile.
  • Dimension: 52 x 72 Inches. For indoor and outdoor use.
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