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Claude Dozorme

Laguiole Berlingot Carving Set | Pearl

$130.00 USD

Claude Dozorme was founded in 1902 by a steelworker who started selling high-quality knives from a house-bound workshop. Over 100 years on, the Super Laguiole carving set epitomizes the expert craftsmanship on which the label’s reputation is built. Fashioned from stainless steel and finished with grained wooden handles, the purpose-built knife and fork duo ensures that when you’re entrusted with the all-important task of carving, you can slice through Sunday roast beef with ease.

Claude Dozorme Laguiole Carving Set | 2 Pieces
Berlingot design, Pearl (Nacre color handle) | High-polish Stainless Steel
12" Length each piece
Laser-Engraved Authentic presented in a Box

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