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La Rochere

La Rochere Set Of 6, 7-ounce Perigord Wine Glasses

$72.00 USD

Lousion & Perigord Collection These classically stylish mugs and glasses are perfect for sipping morning coffee, afternoon tea, hot cider or a winter cocktail of your creation. Fusing elegance and functional design, each beautifully styled piece features a dimpled honeycomb pattern at the base that reflects light. Durable for everyday use, double glass insulation helps maintain the temperature of your favorite hot drinks. 13.5-ounce Perigord Long Drink Glasses, La Rochere Set Of 6 9-ounce Louison Coffee Mugs, La Rochere Set Of 6 11.5 oz. Coffee Cup, Louison, La Rochere Set Of 6 5.5-ounce Perigord Flutes, La Rochere Set Of 6 LOUISON & PERIGORD COLLECTION La Rochere's Louison and Perigord pieces are fired at very high temperatures producing an exceptional quality glass that is both crystal clear and durable. A pressure seam is sometimes visible, which is the mark left by opening the mold in which the glass is pressed.
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