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Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda Contrast Glass Bowl in Blue | Small

$70.00 USD

Contrast from Kosta Boda is made using a technique called centrifuging. This technique creates veils of color within the glass, and vibrant glass canes are added during the process, making each product unique. It’s all about the contrasts! The small bowl is absolutely perfect for snacks or other sides. Design by Anna Ehrner.

Colored swirls in the glass are something of a trademark for Anna Ehrner, and the Contrast bowls both emphasize and contrast beautifully with each other. Each bowl is unique, their simple shape reflecting the willfulness of the melted glass. Truly elegant bowls that make their own statement even after their contents are gone!

Crystal Glass
H: 3.375" x W: 6.25"
Hand Wash

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