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Shea Butter Hand Cream Floral Gift Set in Tin Metal Box | 4 Hand Creams

$32.00 USD

Institut Karite Paris Set of 4 Shea Butter hand creams presented in a pink metal box contains the following scents:

Almond & Honey Shea Hand Cream: provides an insight into the magnificent Versailles Palace gardens. An iconic formula, enriched with 20% Shea Butter, for hands worthy of a queen.

Jasmine. In the pearly light of dawn, an enchanting perfume envelops Montmartre, Paris. Discover this Shea hand cream and let yourself be swept away by its refined, precious jasmine scent. So Pretty !

Lavender. This Hand Cream takes you to the heart of authentic and magical Provence to share its most tantalising tale. So Fairy! Discover our light formula that penetrates instantly while keeping its moisturizing action.

Rose. This Shea Hand Cream with a subtle scent of rose will take care of your hands. It will gently moisturize and soften your skin, thanks to its velvety and smooth texture.

Each tube contains 30ml to a total of 120ml. The beauty must-have for glowing hands.

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