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Fragrance Free 100 % Pure Shea Butter | 50ml

$19.95 USD

Discover all the benefits Shea Butter has to offer thanks to this multi-purpose care. Naturally rich in vitamins, it will soon become your beauty must-have! Experience all the amazing benefits 100% Shea Butter has to offer.

It softly hydrates and nourishes your skin all day long. For a better experience, melt a dab in the palm of your hands before applying to get a smoother texture.
You can use it either on your face, your body or your hair:
- As a daily care to moisturize your body.
- As massage body butter for a pure moment of relaxation.
- As hair mask before your shampoo or on a daily basis on your dry ends to make them shine.
Shea Butter may become grainy but this does not affect its quality in any way.

100 % Pure Shea Butter | 50 ml | Fragrance-free.

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