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Garnier Thiebaut

Garnier Thiebaut Cassidy Berry Cotton Tablecloth | 45" Square

$115.00 USD

Garnier Thiebaut Jacquard Tablecloth, Stain Resistant Cotton

Size: 45" x 45"

Garnier-Thiebaut linens make an immediate impact with their vivid colors and unique patterns. Design harmonious spaces by combining patterns, colors and textures to create the perfect theme for a unique home. Our easy care coated fabric has 2 layers of ecological acrylic coating, making it spill proof and stain resistant. Easily wipe clean with a sponge. Perfect for the kitchen and outdoor use.
EASY CARE: For everyday use, easily wipe off any spill or stains with a damp sponge. Occasionally machine-wash on cold temperature on delicate cycle with a little detergent. No fabric softener.

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