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Feret Parfumeur

Hyalin Bloc Natural Moisturizing Deodorant

$24.00 USD

Féret Hyalin Bloc is hand made and unique is to use. It is a natural deodorant, it also soothes razor burn, and can be used to soothe the skin after hair removal. Authentic and of high quality, this bloc is composed of 100% natural alum stone which respects your skin.
The alum stone has been known for ages for its properties: moisturizing, astringent, cauterizing, antibacterial non-allergenic and anti-sweat. Known as one of the best alternative to classic deodorants, it creates a film of mineral salts to help avoid the formation of bacteria responsible for bad odors.
Its astringent action lets the pores breath and brings a sensation of freshness.

Alcohol-free, and paraben-free, this bloc helps to ensure a perfect hygiene every day.

The Hyalin bloc prepares the hair before shaving and after, it soothes the razor burn and tones the skin. Thanks to its anti-bacterial property, it avoids the apparition of spots. In case of light cuts, it helps to stop the bleeding.

Féret Hyalin Bloc 100g

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