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Feret Parfumeur

Soothing Art-Deco Handcrafted Candle 100% Vegetal Natural | Violette Perfume

$38.00 USD

A sweet floral violet fragrance straight out of the beautiful city of Grasse, an emblematic city known for its fragrances. Let yourself be plunged into a wave of delicacy and serenity. The "Art-Deco" candle will bring a warm and original touch to your interior. It will fill your room with a delicately flowery atmosphere.

100% plant-based
The Féret Parfumeur candle is a plant-based candle made in an artisanal way.
Vegetable wax made from natural materials such as soy wax and rice wax.
The advantage of vegetable wax is that it does not give off any black smoke when burned. It is odorless and has a relatively slow burn time
Size: 180g | Aprox. 40 hours of burning
Made in France

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