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Fer A Cheval

Marseille All Purpose Spray Cleaner Allergen-Free Formula | Provençal Olive Scent | Set of 2

$38.00 USD

A versatile Cleaning Solution: Our all-purpose cleaner spray is a multi-usage surface cleaner that effectively removes dirt and grease from all washable surfaces.

Experience the refreshing fragrance of Provençal olive while cleaning your home with this natural all purpose cleaner. Our spray cleaner all purpose formula is specially developed to minimize allergy risks, making it safe for use around sensitive individuals.

Made with 99% natural ingredients and Marseille soap known for its cleansing and degreasing properties. Easy to Use multisurface cleaner spray. Simply spray directly onto surfaces, let it sit, and wipe away with a damp sponge for effortless cleaning.

Set of 2 | 500ml

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