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Fer a Cheval

Fer à Cheval Vegetal Toilet Marseille Soaps, Authentic Savon De Marseille Soap Bar, Natural and Hypoallergenic French Cube Soaps, 250g, Pack of 2

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Fer à Cheval

For 160 years, Savonnerie Fer à Cheval has crafted Marseille soap, each bar a tribute to artistry, tradition, and enduring quality.

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For over a century and a half, Fer à Cheval Savonnerie has been the gold standard for authentic, cauldron-made Marseille soap. Originating from the soapmaking hub of 19th-century Marseille, we've remained true to our artisan roots.

Although the soap’s appearance may change with the seasons and oils used, its essence stands as a timeless testament to our commitment to quality and traditional craftsmanship.

How did we get our start?

With an unparalleled legacy spanning 160 years, Fer à Cheval stands as one of the few authentic Marseille soap makers and the oldest in existence. Our soap factory is a living monument to Marseille's rich cultural heritage, and we take immense pride in meticulously crafting this iconic product.

What makes our products unique?

Our soap is created through a time-honored, five-step process carried out in vintage cauldrons: pasting, graining out, boiling, washing, and liquidation.

Why do we love what we do?

Passion for tradition and detail drives us to make you happy.

Authentic Marseille Soap

Authentic Marseille Soap

Authentic Marseille Soap

Authentic Marseille Soap

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