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Fer A Cheval

Liquid Black Soap Olive Oil Environmentally Friendly Detergent & Cleaner | Lavender Scented |16.9 oz.

$24.00 USD

Fer a Cheval liquid black soap is an economical and multi-use cleaner; a little dose is enough to thoroughly clean, degrease, nourish and polish all kinds of interior or exterior surfaces. It can also be used to wash laundry and to remove difficult stains on clothes or linen. Scented with lavander essential oil and formulated with olive oil.

Formulated from olive oil, and without any conservatives, dyes or fragrance, it is an environmentally-friendly detergent.

16.9 fl. oz.
Made in Marseille
Fer à Cheval soap factory is committed to: 100% recyclable packaging for a zero waste objective.

What is Black Soap:
Black soap, like Marseille soap, is a product that has survived the ages. Recognized by many generations for its virtues and composed of few ingredients, it is a smart ally for a house that exudes naturalness. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BLACK SOAP AND MARSEILLE SOAP? To manufacture black soap, it is necessary to mix olive pomace oil, coconut oil, salt, and an agent that allows the saponification of oils. It is this agent that constitutes the main difference between Marseille soap and black soap.

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