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Esteban Paris

Figue Noire Scented Decorative Candle

$39.50 USD

Esteban Paris Figue Noire fragrance is a mixture of fun, fruity notes of figs combined with a sharp sandalwood scent that is both elegant and luxurious. The scent of sandalwood is noticeable and it pairs magnificently with the sweet scent of black figs. With a glass of wine and a warm, woody scent in the background, this candle is perfect for the Holiday season.

Colorant-free, with no petrochemical derivatives and a pure cotton lead-free wick, which reduces smoke. Made from 100% vegetable wax. 

Burn time: approx. 40 hours.

Approx 170 g - 6 oz.

Dimensions: 9 x 6 cm / 3.5 x 2.3 in. 

Made in France