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Esteban Paris

Refresher Oil Trio | Teck & Tonka, Ambre, Neroli

$59.50 USD

Esteban Paris multi-purpose refresher oil, formulated like the best perfumes, these refresher oils owe their subtlety to a wide variety of components. Thanks to their dropper bottle and their high perfume concentration, a few drops in the tank of your electric diffuser are enough to create a long-lasting perfumed atmosphere.

Multi-purpose, the perfume concentrates can also be used to recharge perfumed ceramics (except car diffusers) and perfume burners.

Make your selection from the Estéban olfactory palette to create the scented atmosphere that suits you, according to your mood, the season or the room in the house.
Each bottle: 15ml
- Teck & Tonka: Soft spicy woody perfume. Souvenir of Africa, reddened laterite track, wooden houses full of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove.
- Ambre: This perfume, a true brand icon with a citrus-amber fragrance, honors amber, a precious, historic resin and a key asset in perfume. The Ambre d’Estéban perfume brings first of all the freshness of bergamot, then warm and sophisticated notes. Finally releases his sweet vanilla heart. Vanilla and bergamot characterize Amber with a fragrance with vanilla woody notes.
- Neroli: White and luminous floral perfume. Neroli is based around rather fruity and clean head notes. Cassis and Sicilian bergamot agree for an imminent olfactory pleasure. Floral notes are present from the heart notes that consist of neroli, white geranium and jasmine.

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