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Essence Universal Clear Wine Glasses | Set of 2

$45.00 USD

This glass series is simple yet has an impressive shape that spreads toward the bottom. The design has a thin and comfortable sipping, and the balance between traditional and modern, everyday use and formal, fits in any occasion.

The essence series was born in 2001 with a simple yet flattering shape at the bottom, with the idea of creating a simple form that is good for enjoying wine, and the idea of creating a glass that fits all wines.

Holds 18.5 oz (55 cl) | set of 2
Dishwasher safe
Designed in Finland, Made in Germany

Designer Alfred Haberli designed the shape with a focus on the functionality of a glass for delicious drinking. The design strives for a balance between traditional and modern, everyday wear and formal wear that suits any occasion. It is internationally acclaimed and won the iF Design Award and the Les Decouvertes Award of Maison E.

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