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Culti Milano

Culti Decor Bottle Reed Diffuser | Tessuto 500ml

$115.00 USD

The Culti Decor diffuser is more present in the room than its "styles". The square bottle made from the finest Italian glass is dark coloured, which promises a cool and elegant look. Matching the smoked glass, the lid is made of dark Italian maple, which forms the top end of the diffuser and gives the reed reeds a frame. These stand wide in the bottle and ensure that the room fragrance is gently and evenly distributed throughout the room. The entire production of Culti room fragrances is 100% made in Italy.

Decor Classic Diffuser from Culti
The fragrance smells of cassis, cotton, jasmine and geranium.
The size of the Culti room fragrance diffuser of 500 ml is sufficient for rooms up to approx. 25 m².
The fragrance duration of the room fragrance in the 500 ml fragrance bottle is up to 4 months according to experience and can be extended by simply refilling.
The fragrance intensity can be influenced by the number of sticks.

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