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Cristel Castel'Pro Ultralu Collection Non-Stick Frying Pan | 12"

$189.95 USD

Whip up a flavorful stir-fry, savory sauce, or succulent tilapia fillet with this Castel Pro Ultralu fry pan from Cristel. Featuring a three-ply design reinforced with an anodized aluminum core, this pan provides exceptional thermal efficiency, even heat, and no hot spots.

The highly responsive cooking surface with Exceliss non-stick coating heats up and cools down rapidly, providing excellent control on the stovetop.

Fixed to the body of the pan thanks to stainless rivets, the solid, stainless steel handle does not retain heat, making for a safe and comfortable grip.

Cristel ULTRAPLYlight technology allows gentle cooking techniques such as fat-free and low-temperature cooking, which preserve vitamins, the texture of the food, color, and enhance flavors. The pan is compatible on all range types including gas, electric, halogen and ceramic, is induction ready, and oven safe to 350 degrees F.

When you’re finished cooking your favorite meals, simply place this pan in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Made in France

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