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Rathbornes Reed Diffuser Refill Oil | Dublin Dusk, Smoked Oud and Ozonic Accords

$45.00 USD

The turbulent ocean waves crash against the rocky shores of the Irish coast, ozone and earth mingling to create an unforgettable scent.

Rich ozonic accords from the Irish coast with a crisp freshness of aromatic woods, smoked oud and aged cedar. The dark spicy tones of ginger, pepper and anise reveal a base of sweet notes, patchouli and soft musk.

  • 200ml / 6.7 fl.oz.
  • Lasts for up to 16 weeks

Founded in dublin 1488, Rathbornes is the worlds oldest candle the world's oldest candle company. For over 500 years Rathbornes candles have illuminated the streets, homes of Ireland. Still produces hand crafted candles using many of the same skilled methods used since the fifteenth century.

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