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Bugatti Gym Kitchen Utensil Set | Pizza Cutter, Peeler, Bottle Opener | Orange

$75.00 USD

With its creative and original spirit, the athlete-shaped kitchen utensils are inspired by the world of sport and the gym. The Gym kitchen utensil set includes a pizza cutter, bottle opener and peeler.

Peeler, Pizza cutter and Bottle opener
Body in polypropylene | Stainless Steel

Bugatti presents a world of new emotions and feelings, a world of extraordinary creativity. Bugatti wants to change the way you think about your tabletop and kitchen. They take a basic and regularly used item, revalue and modify it, to present you with a new concept, helping to make the culture of buying tableware and gifts a new world for you to discover. Enjoy yourself!
  • Weight: 472?g
  • Measures: 25?x 22?x 7?cm
  • Material: satinized polypropylene, stainless steel, ABS
  • Available version: Fun athletes will give you a hand in everyday tasks in the kitchen: peeling, cutting, opening.
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