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Berard French Olivewood Handcrafted Cutting Board with Handle | 8"

$15.00 USD

Solid olive wood, this cutting board is handcrafted from a single board. Use it when slicing, dicing, and chopping fruits and vegetables, or put it to work as a handy platter when serving slices of cheese to guests or as a plate after building a sandwich to enjoy while watching the game. The versatile board features an easy-grip handle and a lovely wax finish that helps preserve the luster of the wood. The use of wood not only brings the beauty of nature indoors, but it has also been found to be more hygienic than plastic.

The quality of Berard products are the result of century of know-how. Year after year, Berard has been synonymous, with quality, authenticity and reliability. All their olivewood items come from agricultural orchards and each tree is cut with respect to the laws that protect each country and the use of olive wood. Each piece is artisanal produced. Therefore uniformity does not exist and the little "imperfections " belong to this natural product. No two pieces are alike.

Handcrafted cutting board with handle and hole/strap for hanging.
Wood from sustainably managed forests; no 2 pieces are identical
Satin finish made up of mineral oil and beeswax; hand wash only
Measures approximately: 8" x 4.7" x 1/4"

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