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Baudelaire Honey Royal Jelly Bar Soap Gift Set Moisturizing | Set of 6

$42.00 USD

Looking for a soap that won’t dry your skin? Soaps are notorious for drying the skin. Sure, they effectively cleanse it, but they could also leave it stripped of natural oils and moisture. Using harsh soap can leave your skin irritated. Worse, it may permanently damage your natural barrier, leaving you vulnerable to allergens and pathogens. Natural soaps are trending nowadays.

With all the natural ingredients being added to bars of soap, honey remains to be the most effective in providing and retaining moisture.The Honey Soap Set by Baudelaire Soaps deliver hydrating properties that leave your skin super soft and supple! There’s a reason our bar soap has been popular for 30 years now. It contains honey, which is known for its natural moisturizing properties. You can rest assured it won’t ever leave your skin feeling or looking dry.

Lanolin further enhances our honey soap’s hydrating effect. The best part is that you get to enjoy a rich lather despite the use of natural elements. This soap also emits the enticing fragrance of a wild rose. Plus, it is triple-milled, a process that makes bars more long-lasting. Your shower time will take on a whole new level of luxury.

Honey Soap Royal Jelly - Rich in honey with a touch of royal jelly.
Rich in antioxidants | Naturally soothing | Healing properties of honey | Gently exfoliates skin | Thoroughly cleanse your skin with the help of Mother Nature.

Made in Vermont

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