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Baudelaire Royal Jelly Honey Bar Soap Gift Set Moisturizing | Set of 2

$18.50 USD

This pure and natural soap typifies the true goodness of honey. Commonly called French, milled or triple, milled, these soaps are all made the traditional way, by "milling" the ingredients three times for a rich, long, lasting bar. They also contain a pure vegetable base and moisturizing shea butter, only the finest ingredients for a fine artisan soap.

Housed in a lovely honeycomb covered box, perfect for the unique gift for friends and family. This gift box contains two bars.

We can't promise our royal jelly soap will turn you into a queen, but it certainly will make you feel like one! With a slightly sweet, citrus scent, it helps boost hydration and provide a glowing complexion. Thought to promote collagen production among other beautifying benefits, royal jelly is an ingredient fit for a queen.

With two 3.5 oz bars in our gift box it's the perfect opportunity to share this incredible product with someone you love or simply make sure you have enough bars for yourself - don't worry we won't judge.

Made in Vermont.

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