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Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano The Hair Supporters Scalp Protector 12x13 ml

$30.00 USD

Alfaparf Milano fluid with a soothing* and protecting action on the scalp to provide scalp protection during technical services. Free from fragrance and parabens.

For clients with a sensitive scalp or for whoever may feel discomfort/ itching during in-salon technical services.
Contains an exclusive mix of soothing active ingredients, amongst them Centella Asiatica and Chamomile Extract, which offer comfort and relieve itching.

FORMAT: 12 vials of 13 ml plastic

Apply the vial directly onto the scalp 5 minutes before proceeding with any technical service (color, bleach or texture).
During the technical service mix 1 vial with 2 Oz (60 g.) color/bleaching powder + the corresponding amount of activator, then proceed with the usual application.

*Results verified with live test done on 100 people with sensitive scalps in comparison with the same technical service performed without Scalp Protector.

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