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Acqua dell' Elba

Acqua dell' Elba Preziosa Collection Eau de Parfum Gift Set | For Her (Donna)

$90.00 USD

The Preziosa Collection is a journey through all of the fragrances of Acqua dell'Elba. Elegant, adventurous, profound or sporty; whichever your taste, with these beautiful, convenient 15ml bottles, the essence of the sea is always with you.

They are packaged in hand-made gift boxes in our signature aquamarine and each includes five distinct fragrances.

For Her (all 15ml travel size Eau de Parfum):
Classica, Blu, Arcipelago, Acqua, Smeraldo

Classica Donna: is a burst of florals and citrus with orange, gardenia and jasmine top notes.
Archipielago: A marriage of citrus and apricots which combine to create this floral feminine fragrance.
Blu: A crisp, clean fragrance inspired by the scents of the sea and the nature surrounding the beautiful Mediterranean.
Esmeraldo: A floral-facing, dream fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot and juniper, this scent is as memorable as Pianosa, the Tuscan island that inspired it.
Acqua: A fragrance suitable for all with notes of citrus, sea salt, myrtle flowers and berries and cedarwood.

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