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Acqua dell' Elba

Acqua dell' Elba Eau de Parfum Unisex | Altrove | 100ml

$99.95 USD

Here, in Altrove, the strength of a man is born. Out of time and beyond fashion, in a journey to rediscover the nature of the self. Inspired by the island of Montecristo with its charm, its mystery and its remoteness.

Fruits: Strawberry tree berries
Flowers: Jasmine, rose, tobacco, iris
Woods and Spices: Juniper, cypress, Mediterranean shrubs, incense

"Altrove is a sheer explosion of tart citrus and blue Mediterranean notes backed by sweet incense that brings a smoky, earthy depth to the composition. Not usually a fan of incense notes this one has captured my heart and soul..."

100ml Spray

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