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Cirerie de Gascogne

La Cirerie de Gascogne is the meeting of a Nose, a Cellar Master, an Artisan Cirier d'Art and a Mousquetaire who, together, have developed exceptional olfactory universes for your well-being. Our creations are all 100% made in France by certified and Registered artisans. Our blends were dreamed up by a cellar master, the perfumes were created by a French nose which has given rise to unique & fine fragrances.

Our candles, poured by hand,  are made in France from natural GMO-free soy wax of the best quality and a lead-free cotton wick which gives them a perfect flame that is clean and healthy for the environment. They burn for 40 hours. For our reed diffusers we use the same fragrances mixed with French alcohol of agricultural origin.

Gascony lies between the sea and the mountains, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees Mountains. Each seasonal collection tirelessly calls back to it's tradition, smells, colors, adhering to the rhythm of the sun, the wind, and the rain. These magical moments suspended in time, the feelings and scents are preserved to inspire the story told through the perfumes of Cirerie de Gascogne candles. Woman Owned Company.

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