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Fall into Fall

Can you believe it's here?! The start of Fall, cooler temperatures, leaves that change and drift,  jean jackets that make their comeback. 

One thing that always remind us of Fall is the scents that come along with it. Scents that  have the power to stir memories and change moods. So go ahead, wear that jean jacket, and inhale deeply this season. 

Here are some of Fina Tavola's top fall scents:


A scent that is refreshing with an outdoorsy feeling. It can give you that sense of comfort and warmth that comes with being with your family & friends on a cozy day off.


Sandalwood comes from a tree yet it has its own distinct fragrance profile that is creamy, smooth, warm, exotic, and sweet. It is known to calm your mind and body and put you in a meditative state where you can find inner peace.

Dr. Vranjes Milano Reed Diffuser Glass Bottle 250 ml


Like other fragrances from the citrus family, bergamot does have that classic sweet-yet-tart smell. Commonly found in fragrances, it has aromatherapeutic benefits to help you feel refreshed and energized. 


Geodesis Scented Candle | BergamotProvence Sante Liquid Soap | Bergamot



Recognized for its relaxing  aroma, Amber is a combination of ingredients that are rich and warming, believed to evoke pleasure and wisdom. This deeper scent is an excellent choice for fall and winter.


  Esteban Paris Refresher Oil | Ambre 15ml

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