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Solinotes Paris

Vanilla (Vanille) Eau De Parfum | 50 ml

$24.00 USD

Vanilla, a delicious fragrance with white flower, Tonka and spices.

Married to the tenderness of white flowers, this divine fragrance is reassuring. It acts like a balm that calms and rebalances, for a moment of cocooning all to yourself. The more sophisticated shades of Tonka Bean and White Spices give Vanilla a unique sensory fullness. Parfum effect: inner balance.

Size: 50 ml | 1.7 fl oz | Spray
Mix Suggestion: Vanilla & Orange Blossom or Vanilla & Cherry Blossom
Top notes: Vanilla, White Flower
Heart notes: Tonka Bean
Base notes: White Spices

Solinotes Paris Eau de Parfum was born to be used alone or layered with other Solinotes fragrances to create a unique signature scent. Mix and match with other Solinote fragrances to create your own unique blend to suit your style. Clean Beauty.

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