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Mechanical 3D DIY Building Kit | Research Vessel Model Ship

$67.95 USD

Inspired by classic scientific documentaries and biographies of outstanding marine explorers, the research vessel building kit for adults and kids conveys the might and beauty of large, modern icebreakers and survey ships.

This UGears wooden puzzle for adults and children lets you discover the complexity and mystery of mechanics, while fully enjoying the experience of ship building.

The research vessel is a realistic miniature of a real ship.
Your new ship has all you need to implement proper research: a bathyscaphe for deep-sea exploration, a small motorboat and lifeboat, a deployable ramp, and a hatch that opens along with more interesting elements you would find in real-life vessels. The model is equipped with a swing jib crane to manage cargo and to hoist the bathyscaphe. Use the crane to pull the bathyscaphe out of the depths and secure it on its special extended platform.

It takes some patience and time to put together this mechanical puzzle. All parts are made of high-quality, laser-cut plywood.
Everything you need for this fun DIY project comes right in the box: no extra tools or glue required. Building this mechanical model can take about 10 hours. We’ve included illustrated instructions in 11 languages to make assembly easier and faster.

IT MOVES: The energy driving the 3D model is produced by a rubber band motor and managed by a pendulum. A clever gear arrangement imitates the sound of a diesel engine and propels the vessel at a smooth, steady pace. This mechanical model has three movement modes: forward, turning, and automatic.

Assembled Size Locked: 385 х 110 х 250mm
Assembled Size Open: 385 х 235 х 250mm
Number of parts: 575
Estimated assembly time: 10 hours

Why go for this puzzle for adults?
Challenge your mind. It will take about 10 hours to build this sophisticated mechanical puzzle. You’ll create a mechanical masterpiece with your own hands while honing your patience, concentration, discipline, and motor skills.

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