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Sakura Scented Candle 180g

$36.00 USD

 Gaeodesis Sakura Scented candle, a poetic floral note softly powdered, fruity and slightly tangy. Also known as the Japanese cherry

Weight: 180 g
Burning time: 50 hours 

Geodesis has over 20 years of candle making experience, which enables them to offer a scented candle particularly appreciated for its powerful scent. Thanks to a subtle blend of mineral and vegetable waxes of high quality, the exclusive composition of Geodesis candles allows them to achieve outstanding diffusion and clean burning. Not only will Geodesis’s beautiful scented candles create a relaxing aroma in your home, but they bring a little slice of the world with them too. The cotton safety wicks are lead-free. Geodesis products do not contain any substances of animal origin and no products are tested on animals. Made in France